Sunday, April 01, 2012

Motor vehicle tax increased | රථ වාහන බදු ඉහලට

Motor vehicle tax have been increased with immediate effect from 31st march 2012 night. The new tax changes are made for cars, vans, trishaws and motor bicycles. 
According to the Ministry of Finance the motor vehicle charges were revised in order to reduce the number of vehicles imported to the country to avoid heavy traffic congestion.

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  1. eththo kathi bothi. amaruwen nayak aragena wahanayaka sihinaya itu karaganna hadana madyama panthikayanta thama me kelinne. loku unge thathwe thiyagannanam podi minissu wediyen inna onane.

  2. UNP Government has never increased Tax on vehicle imports like you dirty people. Initially huge Tax increase was done by Chandrika Kumaratunga Government in 2003/2004 Year. Vehicle importers and Politicians can earn huge money by increasing Tax on vehicle imports since they know the situation early. Now this ruling government could not gain that privilege since they couldn't increase further beyond the taxes imposed on 2003/2004. So what they did was suddenly dropped the taxes in June 2010 and now they are increasing it gradually in April 2011 and March 2012 respectively earning easy money from innocent people pocket. Why this people want that much of money ? They want to buy politicians from other parties to win elections even though they have poor financial management and still general public suffering on that.

  3. Politicians have permits to buy vehicles. They can't satisfy only from that privilege. They want to stop general public from buying vehicles to maintain their status. And they want to grab tax money from innocent people to recover their failures of poor finance management of the country. Actually we don't need this type of government which is highly depending on tax only. Government friendly Vehicle Sale owners imported huge amount of vehicles and got filled their vehicle yards before March 2012. Now they are selling them to higher prices and can have huge profits and can treat their friendly politicians who helped them to do dirty business without much effort. Always politicians try to earn money from easy methods. Best thing is to remove all vehicle permit schemes and allow politicians and other policy makers to feel the difficulty. Now they do not feel difficulty, that's why they doing this type of things. We do not need this type of government and we look after these things in next election. Furthermore we don't have trust regarding the Election methods. A method should be implemented to facilitate voters to cross check the election results and to get verify the vote of the voter, his parents, relations or friends is included in the results. Then he can realize fault votes like death people, people who working in other countries during the election period, etc.

  4. Mewata api niyama uththara milanga election ekedi denna mathaka thiyaganna wenawa.

  5. proud to be a sri lankan, ayyoooooo salli..!

  6. Madine, Thawa wedi karanda thaththe....


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