Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Insect in Mobile phones is dangerous? | ජංගම දුරකතනයේ කෘමියා භයානකද?

A popular Television was published a news about an insect that living in the Mobile Phones. The reseach was carried out at Sri Lanka and, this is the first time that did a research regarding this insect Mite, they said.  
But If you browse the Internet about this insect you can find-out lots of information and scientific videos. According to that sources It can be effected to human Skin and a type of Mite called Scabies Mites can penetrate the skin of humans and cause the typical itching and rash, but they cannot complete their life cycles there. But this Insect not a dangerous one as they said and we can observe that type of insect any where. It can be mobile phones, TV remote, radio and other things.  


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