Monday, May 14, 2012

Video of Malaysian woman beating her 10 month old child | මාස 10ක් වයසැති බිලිදු දියණියට පහර දෙන මවක් (වීඩියෝ සහිතයි )

A video of a teenage Malaysian mother beating her baby daughter has generated a storm of outrage online a year after it was filmed, prompting the Malaysian Police to announce that the woman is already serving an 18-month prison sentence for the offense. The mother was 18 years old when she inflicted the beating on her 10-month-old child in May 2011, according to Arjunaidi Mohamed, the chief of police in Petaling Jaya, the suburb of Kuala Lumpur where the attack took place. A friend of the mother, who had become concerned after witnessing her beating the child previously, filmed the violence and took the video evidence to the police the same day. As a result, the mother was convicted of child abuse and sentenced to 18 months in prison, he said, declining to disclose her name.



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