Saturday, July 28, 2012

Local Cancer cure treatment is true? | පිළිකා නිට්ටාවට සුව කරන දේශීය ඖෂධය ඇත්තද?

Recently a news was published on few websites and news papers about a local cancer medicine that found by a doctor in Sri lanaka. He is saying that the medicine can destroyed the cancer cell within very short. period. But there is a doubt about this tiding and It is better to think twice before believing this. Cancer is a disease that can develop within any tissue or organ of the body. It's a condition in which cell mutations form and multiply at a fast rate, and in many cases they can invade other areas of the body. While the exact cause of cancer remains unknown, there are certain genetic abnormalities, carcinogens and viral agents associated with its development. Cancer cure treatments have been difficult to develop because of the way the disease develops within the body. Cancer takes root inside the genetic structures of a cell, and chromosomal instabilities give rise to mutations when cells begin to divide and multiply. Once a genetic abnormality is formed, cancer cells are able to multiply on their own without the normal controls imposed by the body, and tumors are formed from this rapid cell growth process. Part of the difficulty in curing the disease is developing a treatment capable of killing cancer cells without destroying healthy cells.

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