Monday, August 27, 2012

Death penalty for Maheswaran killer | මහේෂ්වරන් ඝාතකයාට මරණ දඩුවම

The main suspect in the killing of UNP MP for Jaffna T. Maheswaran has been convicted and sentenced to death. Christoper Valentine was given the death penalty by the Colombo high court today (2012-Aug-27). Three member judges panel heard the case without a jury and panel headed by Sunil Rajapakse. MP Maheswaran was gunned down at Sivam Kovil in Kotahena before four years.

MP T. Maheswaran’s family members mourn at a hospital in Colombo. Maheshwaran was shot and killed at a Hindu temple on 01 January 2008.

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