Thursday, September 06, 2012

Why Animal sacrifice at Munneswaram Kovil | මුන්නේෂ්වරම් බිලි පූජාව කරන්නේ ඇයි?

Evolution has its ways of dragging some creatures backwards! Animal sacrifice has a long and ugly past running to thousands of years in the world, especially in Africa. All major religions mention events of animal sacrifice thousands of years ago. However, since then, humanity has moved on supported by the main four religions in the world that oppose animal sacrifice. Apart from religion, there is morality. Animal sacrifice is totally against morality. Although vegetarianism is gaining popularity, mixing vegetarianism with the need to stop animal sacrifices is a nonstarter. There is a wide gap between the vegetarian extreme and needless animal killing (sacrifice). Most earthlings fall into the safe and happy middle. The goddess of Munneswaram never demanded any animal sacrifice from anyone. Only humans with twisted desires have created this barbarous hype.

Barbaric Animal Sacrifices at Munneswaram Video

Minister Mervin silva at Munneswaram kovil  Video

People bringing animals for Animal Sacrifices at Munneswaram

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