Sunday, March 10, 2013

UNP Leader Ranil Like An Arab King, Range Bandara Says

Gossip9 Lanka News : The leader of the UNP is wearing the mask of an Arab leader and the Party disciplinary inquiries based on strange allegations is further eroding the water base of the party’, said Range Bandara MP. The UNP Disciplinary Inquiry against MP’s Range Bandara and Asoka Abeyasinghe due yesterday (2013-03-09) have been postponed to the 26th April. Mr. Range Bandara said that the Disciplinary Inquiry was postponed since a member of the Disciplinary Committee had not turned up. This Disciplinary Inquiry was called regarding the participation at an October 18 meeting last year of the Eksath Bhikku Peramuna, disregarding the Party directive not to do so. - mirror

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