Thursday, May 16, 2013

කිඹුලා ඩැහැගෙන ගිය කතගේ අතක් හමුවේ | Discovered a Part of an Arm of the Women Attacked by a Crocodile News : A fisherman of the Ulhitiya fishing village at Giradurukotte has discovered a part of an arm of the woman, who was attacked by a crocodile when she was bathing in Ulhitiya Oya in Mahiyanganaya, floating in Ulhitiya reservoir yesterday (2013-05-15). The family members of the victim have identified the arm being belonging to the woman. Navy divers have rejected to conduct a search operation as the reservoir is inhabited by crocodiles.- source:
Women at Giradurukotte Attacked by Crocodile photo

Women at Giradurukotte Attacked by Crocodile hand Found photo
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