Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ඉන්දරතන හිමි ගිනි තබාගැණීමට, කමල් සුරවීර වැරදිකරුද? | Is kamal Suraweer Wrong for Self-immolation by a Buddhist Monk?

Gossip9.lk News : Sri Lanka's Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of police had taken a journalist into custody for questioning over the video of the self-immolation by a Buddhist monk at Kandy, local media reported. The video journalist Sisira Suraweera supplied the video of the monk committing self-immolation to Swarnavahini TV which broadcast it. He is accused of being aware of the motive of the monk and not informing the police to prevent the unfortunate incident. The journalist gave evidence at the inquest of the self-immolated monk and said he had not read the letters given to him by the monk and he was unaware the motive of the monk. source : 01
kamal Suraweer + Self-immolation by a Buddhist Monk

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