Thursday, May 16, 2013

ප්‍රමිතියෙන් තොර CFL යළිත් ඇවිත් - අවදානම ඉහළයි | Low-grade CFL Increased Mercury Pollution News : If a CFL bulb breaks, the amount of mercury that escapes into the air. Mercury is a toxic chemical, so you need to dispose of these bulbs and clean up any breaks carefully. All Home Depot and Lowes stores accept old fluorescent bulbs of all sizes. Just bring them in and they will handle the recycling of them. However, should one break there are some precautions you should take.
Immediately turn off the heat or a/c, open a window, and turn on an exhaust fan, a ceiling fan, or some other fan if you have one, leave the room and close the door. In fifteen minutes or so, the mercury will have exited the room...if you have no fan, stay away a little longer. Obviously, kids and animals need to be kept away from there. source 01
Low-grade CFL Increased Mercury Pollution photo

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