Saturday, June 08, 2013

ඇහැලියගොඩ "සක්‌විති නෝනා" අතුරුදන් | Eheliyagoda "Ms Sakvithi" Disappeared News : Many complaints have been lodged in the Ehaliyagoda police by the people who had invested money at a woman called " Ehaliyagoda Ms. Sakwithi" that she has disappeared with their money. Ehaliyagoda OIC stated that this woman who maintained an office ina a nearby village had taken money in miilions from the well to do people in the area. The total amount of the investments defrauded has not yet been calculated. When the investors had gone to get their interest, they had found that she had disappeared. The police has referred the case to the Fraud investigation unit. source : 01
Eheliyagoda Ms Sakvithi Disappeared
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