Saturday, June 22, 2013

මරණ බයේ මම දණ ගැහුවා වෙන මොනවා කරන්නද, නවගත්තේගම ගුරුතුමියට කියන කතාව | PC Member Kneels Down a Teacher - Teacher Speaks About The Incident News : The shocking news of the ruling UPFA’s North-Western Provincial Council member forcing a female teacher to kneel before him and her students has set off crisis in the education sector, and is being seen as another sign that the rule of law is breaking down totally. According to reports, PC member Ananda Sarath Kumara had allegedly stormed into the Navodhya Maha Vidyalaya at Nawagaththegama and forced the female teacher to kneel after abusing her in filthy language. This had been done because the teacher, who is in charge of discipline, had admonished the PC member’s daughter and other girls for wearing short skirts to the school. source : 01
Nawagaththegama  teacher kneel down photo

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