Monday, July 01, 2013

දිල්කා තමාට එල්ලවුණු මරණ තර්ජන ගැන පවසයි | Dilka Speaks About Death threats Over The Phone News : During the recent Derana 360 programme the Ven.Gnanasara thera the General Secretary of the BoduBalaSena organisation participated. The conductor of this programme Dilka Samanmali exposed that the Gnansara thera had been charged and fined in courts for driving after liquor which was one among the seven charges he was guilty of. After the programme of exposing these details Dilka had been receiving constant death threats over the phone. In this regard she had complained to the CID. This is a conversation with Dilka that held by lakbima news paper regarding this matter.
Dilka Speaks About Death threats Over The Phone 


සම්බන්ඳිත පුවත් >>

දිල්කාට දේශපාලඥයකුගෙන් විවාහ යෝජනාවක් | Politician Proposes Dilka Samanmali

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