Tuesday, September 17, 2013

අඩම්පනේ වැවෙන් කහ ඉබ්බෙක්‌ මතුවෙයි..! | Rare Yellow Tortoise is found in a lake

Rare Yellow Tortoise gossip9.lk photoGossip9 Lanka News : A Yellow Tortoise was discovered the Residents of Nochchiyagama Adampane lake area at 14th sep 2013. A group of wildlife officers from Anuradhapura office of Department of Wildlife have taken this rare creature to the Pandulagama wildlife veterinarian's office.
Veterinarian of the Wildlife Department Dr. Chandana Jayasinghe said that such a healthy tortoise of such yellowish breed has not been discovered before. however yellow-footed tortoise can be found in the Amazon Basin of South America. This tortoise (Scintific name- Chelonoidis denticulata, formerly Geochelone denticulata) is a species of tortoise in the family Testudinidae. 

Rare yellow tortoise -gossip9.lk-

Baby yellow-footed tortoise -gossip9.lk-

Mature yellow-footed tortoise -gossip9.lk- (image from Wikipedia)

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