Sunday, September 21, 2014

Elizabeth Hurley Kissing Challenge | මෙන්න kissing challange News : If you're the son of a billionaire banker, dropping £50,000 on a passionate kiss with Elizabeth Hurley is no problem. Explaining it away to your wife, however, may prove a little more challenging. Julian Bharti, 27, showed no sign of worrying about that, though, when he successfully bid for a kiss with the 49-year-old British actress at Elton John's annual ball near Windsor last night. Standing up to claim his prize, the married father of three took to his task with gusto, clasping Hurley close to him and kissing her full on the mouth to the cheers of the watching celebrity crowd. But today Mr Bharti, who runs his own mining investment business and has homes in Beverly Hills, Toronto, the Great Lakes and Florida, told MailOnline his wife of five years, Christy, wasn't in the least bit troubled by his kiss with the model and actress. He said: 'She's totally cool with it.' Source :

Elizabeth Hurley Kissing Challenge

Elizabeth Hurley Kissing Challenge gossip9

Elizabeth Hurley Kissing Challenge gossip9 news

Elizabeth Hurley Kissing Challenge photos
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